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As Leading Providers of Document Translations...

We Listen Carefully to Analyze Your Needs.


This includes: source and target languages to translate, word count, intended audience or recipient(s) research (language localization, country, culture, customs, etc.). 

Process Work-Flow for Certified Document Translations 

Once we start the project our expert translators who are native, educated, and experienced language professionals, translate the documents from the source into the required language. Then, a second equally qualified translator will edit and proofread each document in each language to ensure quality and precision. If there is a notarizing service or certification to be provided we schedule with our company lawyer/notary to prepare these documents in a timely manner, prior to delivery. Once everything is in place we contact the client and advise them about the project readiness and coordinate its delivery, either by email, postal mail, courier, or in person. Once delivered, we review its contents with the client to ensure everything is in place and advise them that we offer a 30 day warranty for any correction or modification needed.


Proofreading is essential for any document to be presented. At NeoTrans, our team provides professional grade proofreading to assure you will deliver a perfect, consistent and accurate message to your recipients. Your project will be double-checked by a second qualified translator for style and accuracy. In certain occasions we consult with a subject matter expert when additional word research is needed. This is when we apply our Reader Empathy Strategy (RES). With this process, we analyze the document communications objective and the readers who will receive it. This strategy helps filter the interpretation so the recipient understands clearly the message using the correct words and phrases. In other words, we position ourselves into the reader's perspective to accurately ensure our translation service is successful and within our client's expectations.


Translation Certifications and Notarizing Services

We provide certified translations and legal notarizing services. Usually, a certified translation is required for immigration, academic purposes, or for legal or "official purposes". The translated document is certified by adding a cover letter to the translation, which states that the translation is complete and accurate, to the best of our knowledge. 

When notarizing is required, our legal department prepares a sworn affidavit that contains the translator's signature and his sworn statement, declaring that he or she translated the original document into the language requested to the best of his or her abilities. Then the translation is reviewed, signed and stamped with a raised notary seal by our attorney/notary public. This notary certification ensures that the document is a valid translation and may be used for legal purposes. You will be given 2 certified copies of your translation at no extra charge. Additional copies may be obtained anytime at an additional cost.

Total Quality Management

Our translators are highly qualified and certified to perform any translation assignment. We are very meticulous in every project we handle to ensure accuracy and confidentiality. Therefore, after every project is translated, edited and proofread, our Sr. Project Manager reviews it and certifies it, or otherwise requests any modification when necessary. This ensures quality control, and effective project management to guarantee trust and satisfaction. As proof of our commitment to you, we offer a 30 day warranty for any correction or modification needed at no cost.


Our Translation Services include, but are not limited to:

• Advertising Copy Brochures
• Media Advertisement
• Proposals
• Certificates
• Letters
• Books
• Intellectual Property / Patents
• Legal Contracts
• Sworn Affidavits
• Judgments 
• Market Research 
• Government Documentation 
• Corporate Documentation
• Engineering Documents/Manuals
• Pharmaceutical Documents/Procedures
• Medical Documents/Literature
• Education Documents/Literature/Manuals
• Technical/Computer Documents
• Manuals/Handbooks
• Thesis

• Websites

• Social Media Content

• Forms
• Resumes
• Diploma / Transcripts

We virtually manage any other type of document, including InDesign files, PDFs, Presentations etc., and can also apply our service to translate your electronic media products, such as TV ads, software and websites among others. We also offer Japanese into English, and/or Spanish Translations [and Vice-Versa]. 

Contact Us today for any questions and/or please fill out and submit the form below. You can also upload your document for a quick and detailed quote. We will respond to you promptly with an estimate and the turnaround time. You can also send us your document by email at

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