Achieve your business goals with English to Spanish and Spanish to English document translation, interpreting digital media and professional audio services from us in San Juan, Puerto Rico. En Neotrans Document Solutions ( nos especializamos en proveer Traducción de Documentos en Inglés y Español Certificadas y Notarizadas, Intérpretes,  Digitalización, Servicios de Audio Profesional para Intérpretes, Oradores, Conferencias y Música entre otros. Proveemos servicios de Música, así como Dj, Karaoke y Música en Vivo para su conferencia o actividad. Contáctenos libre de cargos al: (888) 900-3679 o línea local en área metro:(787) 449-0409. business translations conference equipment rental conference interpretation conference simultaneous translation conference translation document translation document translator english to spanish translation full size booth interpretation interpretation equipment rental interpreter language interpretation services legal translations marketing translations puerto rican spanish puerto rico document translations Puerto Rico English Spanish Document Translations puerto rico interpretation puerto rico traductor Puerto Rico Translation Puerto Rico Translation Agency puerto rico translation services Puerto Rico translator simultaneous translation puerto rico tabletop booth traduccion simultanea para conferencia traductor puerto rico translations puerto rico translator puerto rico



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    Client Testimonies
    -Rey Rodriguez
    VP Human Resources, Patheon Inc.
    -March 2012

    Their ability to translate effectively is beyond and above excellence. I used their services in the medicolegal field, and they had achieved my upmost respect over the other interpreters present in the courtroom.

               -Dr. Adel Shaker, MD, LLB, FCAP, FNAME, FACFE

                                 Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology.

                                            State Medical Examiner, Mississippi USA, July 2011


    "Muchas Gracias por su excelente labor,      por sus señalamientos, por el tiempo dedicado, en fin por la grata experiencia           de la vida de haberles conocido"
                                 -Sr. Carlos Domínguez Cristóbal
               U.S. Forest Services USDA, Rio Piedras PR
    May 2011

     “Las traducciones quedaron muy bien                 y pudimos resolver, gracias!                                  -Hoglund & Pamias, PSC                                                              Hato Rey, PR 

                                                                   -Oct. 2011

              “Muy profesionales y diligentes,                                                 gracias”                  -Bufete Pablo Colón Santiago & Assoc.                                                               Ponce, PR

    -March 2011



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                With more than 10 Years of Proudly
    Serving the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, 
    Puerto Rico, and the United States.
    We have representation in cities,
    states, and countries such as Fort Lauderdale,
    Miami, Orlando, New York, San Antonio,
    Dallas, Los Angeles, Key West, New Jersey,  
    Mexico, Spain, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina
    among others.

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    Set the Record Straight!

    with English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese Certified Document Translations, and Interpreting Services

    NeoTrans Document Solutions LLC is a Florida and Puerto Rico, USA based agency specializing in document translations and interpreting from Spanish into English and English into Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. We proudly provide our services for the USA, Latin America, Asia, and Europe (among other countries). We not only translate and certify English/Spanish documents, but also Portuguese and Japanese as well. Achieve your business goals with document translations, and interpreting services from the best! Now expanding our services to the Orlando, Florida community, in addition to our San Juan, Puerto Rico clientele, we are there to assist you with all your language services needs! Call us toll free at (888) 900-3679, and contact us today for a free quote and document analysis.

    A History of Accuracy

    The main reasons our clients choose us is because of our 20+ years of experience in  English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese translation services, interpreting, detailed organization, project management, quality, accuracy, speed, timeliness, and competitive pricing. You can feel completely comfortable outsourcing your business needs from us and fully confident that every component will be handled professionally and confidentially. As a client, you can rely on a guaranteed services provider that will meticulously manage the work-flow of your translation projects, editing, proofreading, and desktop publishing services.


    Corporate Experience

    NeoTrans Document Solutions is a Certified Member of the American Translators Association. Our staff of professionals possess  corporate experience working as document management professionals, document translators, proofreaders, language consultants and interpreters in multiple environments such as: depositions, business meetings, foreign visitors language assistance/escort, phone interpreting, press conferences, and court hearings. They all have more than 20 years of experience and have worked for multinational companies such as: Xerox, American Express, State Farm, the US Public Defenders Office and many more.

    NeoTans Document Solutions LLC, established in 2005 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, offers a variety of services related to translations, interpreting, and document management services for worldwide clients. Our staff has an outstanding broad area of expertise doing business with multiple industries, government, and US Federal Agencies such as: The U.S. Armed Forces, the Department of Justice, Department of Immigration and the USDA among others.

    Now with offices in Orlando, Florida, Neotrans has the capability of providing on-site assistance to the US market with proven strategies that will help companies and individuals reach their goals with no language barriers in the mainland.





    With Skills and Talent You Can Rely On

    The staff at NeoTrans is a group of professionals who have education and experience in the areas of Translations, Hispanic Studies and Technology Management, in addition to Juris Doctor and MBA degrees from high reputation educational institutions. These are document management professionals, certified translators, and translation software experts with a solid education background. They possess language fluency and have experience providing bilingual education at multiple grade levels. They are also highly trained with advanced computer skills and word processing software, among other talents. Credentials are available upon request.


    Customer Service Based on Your Needs

    Before any work is done, we listen and consult with our client to discuss his or her needs, ensuring the outcome meets and exceeds their expectations. If for any reason it is necessary to make any changes and/or modifications we will do it at no cost for the first 30 days after the date of delivery. This allows us to  provide the best solution to your requests and provides the confidence, loyalty and satisfaction that NeoTrans offers. Additionally, we work within our client's budget and provide flexible payment arrangements when necessary.









    Document translation and interpreting services when accuracy is of the essence.

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     Some of our Top Clients

    State Farm


    Altria International Sales

    US Forest Service

    The United States Marine Corps


    The United States Department of Justice

    The Ritz Carlton, San Juan PR


    RR Donnelley


    Ferraiuoli LLC


    Camfil Farr

    The University of Puerto Rico

    The Puerto Rico Department of State

    Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez

    Hoglund & Pamias, PSC

    Consultiva Internacional, Inc.


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